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Why BK Shirts?


Ben Kaminsky Shirt Designer





About Ben Kaminsky

With years of experience in the apparel industry, Ben has for too long kept the lid on his passion for creativity and design. Now with the release of his own collection a new expression of his vision is evolving.

"I've always hoped I would be able get my hands into the artistic side of the industry, mainly to enjoy the satisfaction of creating products with the finest materials that are fresh, individual and comfortable. I’m looking forward to expressing my vision in other areas as well, not just the menswear line.

My goal is to provide a diverse service to my customers. I strive to gain your trust, meet and go beyond your expectations, and share my love of creativity and fashion with you."


What makes a Ben Kaminsky Shirt unique

Materials & Craftsmenship:

Ben Kaminsky shirts are constructed from only the highest quality genuine Italian fabrics. Ben's standards are exacting with every shirt made from the highest quality, natural fibres of either 100% pure cotton or 100% pure linen. A Ben Kaminsky shirt is comfortable, breathable and made from renewable materials.

Limited Edition, Unique Items:

When you purchase a Ben Kaminsky shirt, you will be assured that it is one of only 40 in existence, ever.  We are confident you will never see someone else, walking down Collins St wearing your shirt, or anywhere else for that matter.

Ben travels the world to find the unique fabrics that will be crafted into his range.  It is this careful curation that has become the cornerstone of what makes a Ben Kaminsky shirt unique. We hope you will enjoy your unique shirt for years to come.